1. First come first serve basis - If you reserve a puppy we WILL NOT sell that puppy for a higher price to someone else. Once a puppy is reserved it's ADOPTED but simply not home yet. If a puppy is reserved you may not pay higher for it. Occasionally thing happen and people can not commit in the adoption so puppies become available.

You can ask about a puppy but until we have received a deposit for a puppy we will not reserve the puppy to you. If you are waiting for updated pictures it can take up to 2 weeks for you to receive them and the puppy can still be sold in the mean time.

2. Refundable deposit - Unless the puppy you reserved can no longer be offered by our own fault or accident then the deposit is refundable.
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3. Kennel Hopping - Should you come and visit our home, you must not have visited another kennel within the past 15 days prior to the date of an appointment. If you do not understand the reason it is because of viruses that can be transmitted from kennel through kennel by people visiting infected kennels and then visiting uninfected kennels. #1 is our dogs health and we will not jeopardize this for anything. If you have visited a kennel but would also like to come and visit our please contact us and be honest and let us know. The 15 day period allows a certain safeness that the virus is dead and if you have an animal (counting the 10 day incubation period) you would notice it being infected. This is not a matter to fool around with once you arrive at our location. You will find PURELL dispensers (use them). It will clear your hands of almost everything harmful. Depending on time of year, we may require that you soak the bottom of your shoes in a concentration of 40:1 Water: Bleach ratio to clear any diseases under shoes.

4. Questions ... If you have questions we will gladly answer them all or all the ones we can. Please make sure to research the breed and puppy care before purchasing a puppy. This might answer a lot of your questions and for the rest we can help you here. Some info on the internet is very good and other very bad. Which is why we will provide you with any extra info. At the same time write all your questions down on a paper so you can ask them when you come. We are here moslty 24/7. Where rarely out of the house. If you have any questions even in 5 years... do not hesitate. Send us an email or call us. We have been breeding for 10 years and we have read and experience a lot of things that we would not even think about 10 years ago.

5. Rabies - If you get your puppy without a rabies shot; which is normal as this is only due at the last booster, please note on the contract if we have limited rabies or not. Should rabies be limited, then you can only give it alone without another booster.

On our puppies we limit the rabies shot to make sure it is administered alone and not with the last booster. Yes, this means another vet visit but it's for the puppies health. Rabies is very hard on the body, after your puppy gets that vaccine it will not be feeling itself for the next day or so. Make sure he/she is eating well and contact us if you feel any concern. The puppy will not play or feeling like itself. It can even have a fever which should be checked by the vet if this occurs.

Limitation of rabies only means that you are instructed to give the rabies shot separately from the last booster preferably at least 1 week apart. Most vets will not mind waiting an extra week for a vaccine but if the vet insists on the rabies shot then have it given but wait 1 week for the final booster instead.

In some cases the puppy will come fully vaccinated where only 1 vet visit will be required without any vaccinations being given until the next year. Even though this vaccine can sound scary it's the law to give it and it's worth it. If you dog gets infected by rabies it will die. There is no cure so it's important to protect against it.

6. Guarantee - Your puppy is guaranteed for 2 years against hereditary/congenital life treating defects and for 7-10 days against all viral or infectious diseases (7-10 days depending on incubation period of the specific disease). This guarantee includes is a signed contract of sale. This contract is to be signed by both parties. They are sold with non breeding right and must be spaiyed/neutered withing 6months after adoption.
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