Jamie And Angel,

What a priceless little treasure our baby is. The most adorable, sweet, joyful happy little soul we have ever had the pleasure of calling our own. He has so many wonderful qualities that we couldt possibly name them all. We know that you are more than aware of all his marvellous attributes, but even so, we cant help but share them with you again. All of his wonderful nature has been cultivated and nurtured by you, you have done the most incredible job with your puppies if our Zeus is anything to go by. You are indeed the top breeder of these wonderful little creatures. He is gorgeous - such boldness and attitude..he is magic. Hes such a character you could write a book on him - imagine how much there would be to write after a couple of years!!! He is so precious, so much more than we had hoped for, the photos did not do him justice, he is just so beautiful and so smart, a very quick learner already goes outside for a pee every time. He is an astonishing little dog thank you so much we will love and treasure him forever.
Sandra And Peter Ward

I did not know that so much love and fun could be bundled into such a little pup. When we took our little man Biscuit home in October 2016, he was just eight weeks old. At the time, we felt sad to be taking him away from his family and the wonderful nurturing home that Boxer Puppy Farm had given him.

From the very first moment he arrived home, Biscuit showed what a loving, smart, gentle little dog he is. We have two other little dogs who he has won over with his persistance and freindly, fun loving nature. They are now enjoying a new lease on life too!

Thank you Boxer Puppy Farm for such a treasure. He has never disappointed us but rather surprised us with his ability to be-friend everyone. His zest for life is a refreshing joy.

Biscuit is much more than we had ever hoped for or expected. We just cannot imagine life without him now.
Esther & Graeme POSKER,

Elly has such a wonderful character, the result that she has been nurtured and very much loved before she came to us, she has charmed her way into our pack and is also best friend with kitty-cat.
It's a big pleasure to observe her when she is trying to catch the ball in the cat's toy, like a polarbear is breaking the ice.

We loved her since the first moment and we will always cherish and love her, so charming, playful, smart and always in a great mood; who could resiste ? Thank you Boxer Puppies Home, and keep in touch.
Lynne And Dave Macdonald,

Thank you so much Boxer Puppy Farm for your lovely puppy snoopy he so good and easy he didn't take long to fit in with my other dogs and cat they play for hours and it was good with all update what you see is what you get even when she move she keep us up to date so if you want a well loved puppy just contact jerry cause she goes out her way to help you and puppy was so healthy and fit he even got his paw wrap around my husband finger brings into bed every morning before going work so once again than you very much Boxer Puppies Home.
Brian And Brooke,

My partner and I have been looking for a puppy for about 2 years. We had looked just about everywhere and could not find one that we liked. Then we found Boxer Puppy Farm ad on the trading post - we found our little man. Boxer Puppy Farm was awesome through the whole process of getting him to us. As we live in Cairns we were a little worried about the journey for such a small puppy, but gerry made all the arrangements; all I had to do was pick him up. We are looking at getting another puppy after xmas and we will be buying from Boxer Puppy Farm again. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BUYING A PUPPY FROM HER. Thanks , we love our little Orson.
Tara Parkes,

I would like to thank you gerry for my beautiful little boy Monte. He has just the sweetest nature and is more like a son than a dog. He is great with my 17 month old son and actually sleeps with him at night
Monte just recently became a daddy for the first time and his puppies are just gorgeous. Once again thank you so much gerry for completing my family with this bundle of love and joy.
Tara, darren and riley.
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Sean & Meagan,

We are both so happy with everything about Bunny. The professionalism, integrity, knowledge and love promised by Boxer Puppy Farm was evident from the first time we spoke all the way to our first cuddle of Bunny. The beautiful nature and mountains of character that Bunny has brought to our lives is very, very special and for that we are so grateful.
Tim & Maddie Christian

I am being 100% honest when I say WOW! It was an amazing experience to buy a puppy from kanche. It was an easy process and we received plenty of pictures and updates while we waited. The love and care Boxer Puppy Farm places in all of these puppies shines so brightly, we have never seen such well natured, georgous little Boxer Puppies ever. We can not thank you enough for the time and huge effort that you have put in for us with this georgous little girl. She is a HUGE part of our family and will be spoilt for ever.
Call or text 1- (661) 279-0233
Boxer Puppy Farm